2013 - Priarie 2016

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     The conservatory rebuild was finally finished in February. After that we started planning a 10th wedding anniversary and 60th birthday for Carol in May. About 100 people joined us to celebrate including local friends from Roger's work, villagers and Camera Club friends.
 * Sandi, Marco, Geneva and Elena included us in their tour of Scotland along with Gordon and Barb who were over and travelling with them.
 * Albert and Valerie from the south coast and Geoffrey from Bedfordshire
 * Donna from Edmonton (Alberta)
 * Denise, Susan and Tim from London (UK)
 * Joan and Dale from Lloydminster
 * Joseph and Monica from Dublin
 * John and Tina from Norfolk
 * Penny and John from Canterbury
 * Helen and Laurence from Yorkshire
     As usual we had loads of food, the rain held off, the children had lots of room to run and play and the rest of us had a good visit. It was especially great to have some of the old Meyer group back together.
      Our other highlight of the year was a week in Gran Canaria in October. It is a very diverse island. The north coast gets more rain than the south. Some of the mountain roads provided the usual catches of breath meeting lorries on blind corners but the roads were in exceptionally good repair. There is enough history and places to see to keep you busy for a week without the party atmospheres of some of the other Canary Islands group.

      Christmas was spent at Worthing with Roger's Dad, Valerie and Geoffery. Our yearly time to get together, catch up with each other's lives and visit the horses.


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