2014 - Priarie 2016

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     This was a year of small breaks.  
     The first week of April saw us in the Cotswolds.
   * At Slimbrisge Wetlands Centre we were enchanted by the diverse species of both native and non-native birds. One kingfisher, feathers shimmering bright blue, several kinds of flamingoes, lots of other waders and waterfowl.
   * Bath - Roman Baths and the Cathedral
   * Anne Hathaway's Cottage
   * Chedworth Roman Villa
   * St Peter's at Winchcombe
   * The Cotswold Motor Museum at Bourton-on-the-Water

   Next came a week at Hazel & David's cabin at Ministikwan Lake, Sask. in mid- June. We spent it having barbeques, playng cards & games, walks, visiting, fishing and watching wildlife. Special thanks to Allan & Wanda for letting us use their house as a stopover both coming and going from Calgary. The only ones missing were Marvin & Helen and we were all able to speak to Marvin on the phone.

    In mid-September we are going over to Cologne (Koln) in Germany to see a Photokina Exhibition. They have everything you could think of from astrology & space, medicine, micro photography for variuos applications, cameras of all shape and sizes, printers, paper and lots more. Five huge halls of stands and things to look at. We will spend two days at the exhibition with a day off in the middle to see a bit of Koln itself or take a drive down the Rhine.

   We will spend Christmas on the south coast with Roger's family as usual.

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